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Who We Are

We are young. We are strong. We're not looking for where we belong. We’re not cool. We are free, and we're running with blood on our knees. We are lovers, best friends, and survivors. We are misfits and professionals. We thirst for something real. We live for what we create and we will die protecting it. We speak the truth. We listen to the whispers. We produce fewer and better things. We are calculated. We are sincere. We are convicted. We are intense. We are specific. We are genuine. We pay attention to the man behind the curtain, because we are the man behind the curtain. We are champions. We are valuable. We take chances and drop every fear. We are not afraid of the dark. We will challenge the status quo. We ask questions. We are on the watch. We feel pain and embrace it. We are intelligent. We work hard and we stay humble. We believe we can fly. We reach. We apply. We are curious. We are mad, passionate, and extraordinary. We look for the heroic. We are interesting and interested. We want the “it” to challenge us. We want the “it” to be difficult. We want to reinvent the stupid thing every time. We like new things,projects, plans, getting people together and doing something. We believe in trying. We see, we make, and we do. We are open-minded, generous, understanding, forgiving, and accepting. We are the voice, the heart. We say yes. We are Earnest Sewn.